Points to remember while attending the interview

Practice a mock interview. This will make you less nervous.

Take your time and answer calmly and correctly

Thank the interviewer before leaving

Politely refuse to answer if ....

Points to remember before sending Resume to Recruiter

1. Keep Subject line as "Name of the designation" (Ex: Resume for Data Analyst)
    Or Keep your domain with Experience (Test Analyst || 2years experience)


If you are looking for new job, networking is crucial

The more people you meet, the more insight you can get into
    A. What the work environment is like
    B. What the people are like
    C. How they enj....

Relocation case

Many people want to relocate. But Orgs first prefer local candidates since they can come down for a F2F interview. If you desperately want to relocate.

Few pointers you need to ment....

Still looking for Offers with one offer already in hand

Why are you still looking for other offers? One typical Q every HR will ask. Be prepared. Have some pointers with what is lacking in the offer that you have received.

• The offer is fo....

Freshers : Career Mantra

Please make sure that you:
1. Mention the position you are applying for in the Subject. (Without a subject line No recruiter would wish to open your CV and check)
2. Write few lines of yo....

Why are you changing Job so quickly

If you are looking for a job within a Year – this question will be asked for sure. Be prepared. Be genuine in your reply – what is it that forced you to look out within a Year – i....